Less is More

Christley Brinkley.jpg

I’ve always associated “Less is more” with ageless super-model, Christie Brinkley. It was many (many) years ago, in a Vogue magazine layout featuring this timeless beauty, where I was first introduced to the motto: my 12-year -old self had found something to live by! And, with the exception of French Macarons, cheese, and (pre-crazy) Tom Cruise movies, I have been pretty good at living up to it.

I love the simple life. I like things basic, pure, and uncomplicated. It’s why ten years ago I gave up the easy life and moved from the big city to the country. It’s why I don’t wear make-up, or buy tons of clothes. It’s why I eat clean food and don’t go too crazy with mixing ingredients. It’s why I don’t take a political platform, have an agenda, or express my opinions on how people should live… except today. Today, I’m feeling the need to chime in, pass on a little wisdom.

The world is spinning fast: no faster than it always has, but lately we seem to be in a frenzy trying to keep up with it. We are spinning out of control. With more conveniences, we have less connection. We need to slow down. Pause. Reset. We need to start looking at each other instead of through one another. We need to remember that having it all doesn’t lead to happiness.

So if I may, I’d like to bring you back to a fresh-faced Christie Brinkley and remind you how to live in a world where less is more.

Take a breath. Take fifteen deep ones. Look up: the sky is magnificent! Smile and say “Hello.” Call your friends and family; hearing your voice is important to them. Send handwritten notes. Read books – real ones. The weight of a book and the feel of the paper is good for your soul. Get a dog. Eat at home. If you see a rose, stop and smell it. Watch funny movies. Stretch. Write in cursive. Appreciate trees. Make your bed. Find quiet time for yourself. Walk barefoot in the grass. Be patient and polite. Listen to music on a record player. Stop using a microwave. Burn scented candles. Grow something. Sing in the car. Dance (anywhere!) Be a good hugger. Travel light. Do your own home repairs. Practice good penmanship. Have integrity. Drink lots of water. Go camping. Laugh. Say “I love you.” Stand up tall. And if you ever get the opportunity to ride a horse, do it!

It doesn’t take a lot to live a happy life, but it takes a happy life to live life to its fullest.        More or less.

Xo – Patti Jo