Well.. that wasn't so bad!

Patti Jo at Ten Pilates Studio Walla Walla 2017

And so it begins... another year. 2017 rolls in with some pretty high expectations from many people. I think many of you are very happy to close (and lock) the door on 2016 but as for me, I can't say it was that bad. Yes some terrible things happened: mom's memory deteriorated so much that we had to put her into assisted living, Chuck didn't land some of the jobs we were hoping for, politics ruffled way too many feathers for my liking, and some pretty amazing people left us way too early including Alan Rickman who died before I could tell him how much I loved him.

But aside from the bad there was plenty of good! Mom may not remember one minute from the next but she is healthier and happier than she has been in a long time. Super handsome husband has been home and safe from the craziness of the world which allows him plenty of time to dote on me and work on projects around the farm. My boys are all healthy, happy, amazing men who continue to make me proud and make me laugh… in that order. I opened my Pilates studio (the first of its kind in Walla Walla) and with that I have gained some amazing, beautiful, and talented friends. I taught a few ballet classes at the local college and was reminded of how much dance lifts and feeds the soul. Summer was filled with teaching dressage which always makes me the happiest! I love the horses, my students, going to horse shows, and just plain ol' being outside. But the best thing is… I didn’t fall off a horse once last year! In my book that makes it a stellar year.

So as the New Year unfolds and the anticipation of good things to come presents itself I’d like to remind you that there will always be ups and downs, good and bad, joy and heartbreak. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That is our gauge. Life is ever changing, constantly moving forward. Find the grace, strength, and balance to move with it.

And do Pilates.

Happy 2017!

Love Patti Jo