Beginning your Pilates journey with Patti Jo Amerein at Ten Pilates Studio in Walla Walla.

Beginning your Pilates journey.

I love beginners! Actually, I love all my students but beginners are special to me because I know from the first time they walk through the studio door, if they stick with it, their lives will be changed forever. Pilates develops a whole new you and that is exciting!

As the owner and instructor at Ten Pilates Studio, I commit myself solely to the betterment of you. I listen to my students. I will never push you through something you can’t do, but I will always encourage you and guide you towards becoming stronger, flexible, and balanced. You will start off easy; learn the basics; develop a good foundation and build from there. Your optimum health is my optimum goal. And guess what. Anyone can do it!

Pilates is designed to help each and every person no matter your limitations. All you need is the desire. The skill will come. The changes will happen.

So come see me. I would love to get you started on your Pilates journey.... and we'll have fun doing it!

xo Patti Jo